We are enhancing human capital

To turn the world’s youngest country into a human resource powerhouse

As a country, we’ve got what it takes
to be the world’s human resource hub


Worlds largest human resource pool

By 2020, India is expected to become the world’s largest human resource center with an estimated 1.4+ billion individuals living here


An incredibly young and active workforce

About 50% of our population will be within the age group of 15-50 by 2020, making India the most active and moldable human resource pool


Improving internet penetration and usage

Improvement in internet penetration, coupled with entry of low-cost smartphones, could facilitate execution of mass-outreach programs

All India needs to do is educate and skill its masses right,
and efficiently link them to relevant opportunities

We’re here to enable India make most
of the opportunity that lies ahead of it


Adaptive learning solutions for masses

We create products that provide world-class education and vocational training by pairing great content with competency-oriented adaptive teaching processes


A data-driven human resource directory

We seek to build an extensive human resource directory comprising individuals whose competencies have been enhanced and measured by our products


Link human resources to relevant opportunities

Our aim is to link optimally developed human resources to relevant work opportunities thereby becoming a catalyst for enhanced productivity and great job satisfaction

By collaborating with the Government, Industry
Academia, NGOs and other stakeholders