Walking the talk

We don’t merely believe in enhancing human capital through our products;
constantly improving individual capabilities is a key to our organization

Working with us

As an organization, ConnectEd is largely youth-driven. We harness the abilities of bright, young minds to build solutions that enable youth across the country. It’s a big responsibility to shoulder, hence, we are constantly looking for individuals who could add value to our team. Our team comprises of young individuals from diverse academic and professional backgrounds, from across the country, who are responsible for various business functions such as Marketing Communications, Business Development, Product Development and Operations.

Do write to us in case you wish to know in detail about vacancies. Also, if you believe you can add value to our team in ways beyond the functions mentioned above, please do write to us and we’d love to engage with you, keeping in mind your expertise. Interested candidates can mail us on recruiter@connected.org.in

Here’s what you can expect


Serious responsibilities

Irrespective of how young someone is, we believe in entrusting people with real responsibilities that one can deliver upon and feel happy about their accomplishments


Constant challenges

We design every individual’s role to constantly challenge them to better themselves, thereby ensuring they find their experience with us enriching and valuable


Focus on goal satisfaction

As an organization our focus lies on goal satisfaction; which means once your goals and deadlines are set, you are free to work towards it according to your personal style of work


Distinct experience

Due to the industry we’re in, the audience we work for, the stakeholders we interact with, and the responsibility we entrust on every person, you can be sure of gaining great experience


Recognition for efforts

We keep close tabs on every individuals performance not only to monitor productivity, but also acknowledge those who innovate, work hard and deliver on time consistently


Immense gratification

Since we cater to audiences in rural areas with tailor-made products, the experience of working here can be immensely satisfaction. Particularly for those with field exposure

If you like the sound of it, do write to us