The most robust edtech solution for masses

We combine world-class technology with tailor-made content
and full-range of services to provide an integrated solution like no other


Our analysis of the education sector – particularly, the rural schooling and vocational training segments of the industry – has brought to our notice the lack of educational solutions that are tailored to produce and measure results amongst rural youth. Although this audience adds up to majority of the Indian population, most players in the industry create products meant for audiences in urban and semi-urban areas, as they provide easy and better returns.

We, at ConnectEd Technologies, are committed to producing top-notch educational content, tailored to the sensibilities of rural and underprivileged youth in India. While our primary product is the educational content we produce; we pair our content with reliable and affordable hardware, thereby creating solutions that are ‘rural-friendly’. Additionally, we extend full range of services even in the remotest areas – including impact assessment – thereby allowing us to better improve understanding.

Our marked focus on catering to rural audiences through tailor-made solutions; coupled with our services and regard for impact assessment and enhancing academic performance, make us the ideal partner for any Government, corporate or NGO that wishes to deploy large-scale developmental projects in the rural education or vocational training space.

Our ‘Smart Classroom System’

In order to counter issues that typically arise while deploying edtech products in rural areas, ConnectEd Technologies devised the ‘Smart Classroom System’ – A standalone, solar-powered, dust-and-damage resistant device that allows tailor-made multimedia educational content to be projected into rural classrooms.  This system is a robust teacher-aid product that thoroughly supports an educator as they teach various subjects, chapters and concepts. The result: standardization and improvement in the quality of education, and improved academic performance.

While the ‘Smart Classroom System’ is quite advanced and robust, we’ve made this device so simple to operate that it starts at the touch of a single button, and can be used entirely through a simple remote control, requiring no special expertise or elaborate training. The content pushed through these projectors is produced by ConnectEd – adhering to the state board curriculum – and is tailor-made for school children in rural areas, keeping in mind their surroundings, sensibilities and performance.

The ‘Smart Classroom System’ eliminates the need for a computer, UPS/generator or any other hardware, thereby becoming an integrated solution that’s tailored to function flawlessly in demanding rural settings and improve the learning environment within classrooms.

Dust & damage resistent body

25,000+ hours of life

Lasts 6 hours+ on solar power

HD visual output

Surround-sound system


Manufacturers warranty

White-screen for projection



Government liasing

We liaison with local authorities to identify densely populated schools that require aid


Beneficiary identification

We work with client representatives to finalize the list of beneficiary schools


On-ground engagement

We initiate correspondence and maintain dialogue with the selected schools


System installation

We undertake installation of our Smart Classroom Systems across all schools


Extensive teacher training

We train teachers to use the systems and integrate digital content into their teaching


System maintenance

We take care of system maintenance and the need for any replacement/ repairs


Regular feedback mechanism

We take feedback from every school on the performance and utility of the systems


Impact assessment

We conduct impact assessment tests to measure actual impact on understanding